This is the most value-packed Yamaha Wolverine plug & play turn signal kit on the market. The IP67 Apex Lights™ emit 300% brighter white light than OEM, then shift to amber to turn before auto-canceling. Our stress-free install is friendly for non-techies, taking less than 3 hours with every wire clearly labeled. The RAVEK kit comes with turn arrow indicators to install on your Wolverine X4 dash. And it integrates into OEM brake lights with a high-visibility, custom pulse effect.

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We didn’t love our Yamaha Wolverine X4 turn signal kit options. The kits with small yellow dots are weak, and most of those aren’t plug & play (even if advertised). The silicone LED strip kits aren’t durable, and their fitments aren’t perfect. Then, there are the premium kits either with rigid, formed lights like ours or full-on replacement headlights. They’re solid – but really expensive. And their installs are so complex they usually require help from a pro (elevating your “all-in cost”).

So, we took our Apex Lights™ and built a kit we’re proud of with the highest value for the Wolverine. It’s not for everyone. But if you want a turn signal kit with premium, rigid lights, we think it’s badass for three reasons: the install, the features, and the price.

The installation is as straightforward as TSK’s get, with everything plug & play for the Wolverine with no splicing or t-tapping. Each wire is labeled, with the entire install mapping and world class instructions done step-by-step by our team in Rice Lake. Our install videos help, too. Check them out. The install should take under 3 hours – just give us a call if you have questions.

The features are where the kit shines. The Apex Light™ carries the show. You can mount it on any flat surface or 1.25”-2.5” roll bar. Yes: means you can have a turn signal on your roof, or your door. It’s IP67-rated and nearly indestructible. It looks awesome shifting from clean, diffused white to fiery amber when you indicate turn.

Our Wolverine X4 model plug & play wiring plugs into the OEM brake lights so they function as turn signals and brake lights. When you brake, they pulse rapidly four times, alerting riders behind you. This feature is optional, but put it in your kit because we think it’s sweet.

We include all items you need for a street legal kit, like a license plate holder and illuminator, and a horn. But we also give you LED indicator arrows for you dash on the Wolverine X4 and custom, backlit “smart” rocker switches that engage and disengage with the turn signal or allow you to confidently engage the horn or hazard lights.

Finally, consider installing RAVEK’s rear running and brake Apex Lights™ for the Wolverine and integrate them into this turn signal kit. It’s a separate item, but it’s completely easy, fully plug & play, and the customization of the Apex Lights™ means you can put turn signal lights on your roof, roll bar, or even on your bumper. See you on the road.


Under 3-Hour, Plug & Play Install

The market’s easiest TSK install. No t-tapping, no splicing, 100% plug & play for the Wolverine X4 models, with all wires clearly labeled. So easy, anyone can do it.

Premium, IP67-Rated Diffused Apex Lights™ & Brake Pulse Effect

This kit comes with two premium, rigid Apex Lights™ with white light 300% brighter than OEM accent lights. They switch to brilliant amber 75% brighter than OEM when turning, before auto-canceling. The kit integrates with your OEM brake lights and pulse rapidly four times when braking to alert trailing drivers.

Feature-Packed, For Under $500

We’re proud of the value we’ve packed into this kit. We think nothing comes close. Fully plug & play for the Wolverine X4 with premium, IP67-rated formed, rigid lights Apex Lights™, a horn, license plate holder and illuminator, auto-cancellation, a brake pulse effect, and custom “smart” rocker switches and it’s our team’s default TSK to get out on the road faster, simpler, safer, and more confidently.

Technical Specifications

  • Completely Plug ‘N Play.

  • Ties into OEM Tail Lights.

  • Custom RAVEK Rocker Switch.

  • Built In Brake Light Modulator.

  • Includes Loud Horn.

  • Optional License Plate Light.

  • Includes 2 Switchback 1512 Lumen Apex Lights.

  • Ability To Add More Apex Lights.
  • Easy Install.

  • Durable Light.

  • High Quality.

  • Drill or No Drill Install.

  • Waterproof sealed connectors.


Est. Install Time: 120 - 240 minutes


  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 - 2020
  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 HUNTER - 2020
  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 XTR - 2020
  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 - 2021
  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 EPS R-SPEC - 2022
  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 EPS XT-R - 2022
  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 R-SPEC - 2023
  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 XT-R - 2023
  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 R-SPEC - 2024
  • Yamaha - WOLVERINE X4 XT-R - 2024
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