About Us


It’s crazy how little storage, lighting, and comfort come with stock UTVs. That’s why we started RAVEK. 

Led and owned by two brothers, RAVEK is a team of riders. We’re outdoors year-round, riding on dirt, sand, water, snow, or ice across 4,000 miles of “Northwoods” Wisconsin trails. Come check ‘em out – you won’t be disappointed (but you might get cold). 

Under our parent brand, Big Bike Parts, we’ve been making powersports accessories for motorcycles and ATVs since 1981. Every product we make is American engineered, designed, and tested to address real problems we encounter while riding. 

Over the past 15 years our team has evolved from motorcycles and ATVs to SxS’s. So, in 2022 we came up with three simple product concepts that marked RAVEK’s starting point:

1. Vehicle-Specific SxS Armrests and Center Consoles – both with integrated waterproof storage

2. Durable plug & play, fitment-specific exterior accent lighting

3. MOLLE Panels and quick-attach, rugged waterproof gear

With these ideas in hand, we followed our decades-old process: design prototypes and field-test them aggressively in rugged, real-world conditions. We love the process of designing solutions for riders and then testing, iterating, and doing it again, and again. We’re lucky to consider this “work.”

We wear our legacy of quality and product excellence as a badge of pride. That’s why RAVEK is the first ever UTV accessories brand to deliver an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty on every single product we create. Period.

Our customer service team is 100% human, 100% Wisconsin-based, and here to take your off-road experience to another level. 

At the end of the day, we think you should expect more from your SxS. More lighting. More comfort. More storage. More miles. That’s why we say RAVEK is “Built for More.” See you out there.