Honda Talon Plug & Play Apex Lights (Red Running & Brake Lights)

Honda Talon accent lights needed an upgrade. The Apex™ innovation puts you ahead of the pack and visible like nothing before. This pair of IP67-rated, nearly indestructible rigid lights mount to ANY flat surface or 1.25”-2.5” roll bar. Yes. Roll bar. Their clean, futuristic lenses are eye-catching in run mode. When you brake, they pulse before delivering 300% more light than your stock Defender brake lights. Plug & play install in under 30 minutes (no drilling needed). Read below.

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It took two years for RAVEK’s engineers to deliver the Apex Light™ innovation. It revolutionizes Talon rear lighting – and does so at a fair price. This is our “nerd zone” to discuss why they’re awesome, and how we did it.

Total customization with the “easiest install in lighting”. The Apex Lights™ mount to ANY flat surface or 1.25”-2.5” roll bar, including OEM and aftermarket bumpers. Each pair includes custom roll bar mounting adapters and heavy-duty straps, guaranteeing a secure, durable attachment. And each kit includes everything you need to install specifically for the Honda Talon. See our install videos – it’s incredibly easy (under 30 minutes). And, adding more Apex Lights™ is simple.

There’s technically no limit unless you’re using a controller or turn signal kit. But, we recommend no more than three sets on the Talon – six lights total, including your white and amber front options (part #’s 65-102S and 65-102A). The hard part is choosing where to put them. Two on the roof and two on the vertical bars above the bed? Or four on the roof, each pulsing together when you brake. Debate on.

Superior Technology – and safety. Factory taillights are dim and low to the ground. We’re almost always riding with dust and dirt around us, so bright lights high up on the vehicle are critical to alert other riders. When running, the Apex Light™ beams 500% brighter than stock taillights through diffused, heavy-duty polycarbonate lenses. When you brake, they alert riders behind you by pulsing rapidly four times with lumen output 300% brighter than factory brake lights. You don’t have to install the pulse connector. But it comes “standard” in every kit because they make you safer, and they look sweet.

From a style perspective, we’ve left “hot spot” LED diodes behind with a clean, diffused, almost futuristic LED look. We do this with a custom-tooled diffusion reflector panel inside the light. We use a stream of LED SMD diodes that are tightly backed together for a consistent light beam effect that looks incredible.

As we continued to elevate the quantity and intensity of the SMD LEDs, we realized that the light warranted an Aluminum Heat Sink base (rather than plastic). You wouldn’t notice it was there if we didn’t tell you, but it’s a critical engineering add.

If you crack open stock Talon lights (like we did) and compare them to the Apex Lights™, you’ll see that stock lights have far fewer LEDs that rely on light pipe light projection. This spreads less light across the space encased by the OEM light. The result is lower quality and quantity light output. The elite Talon deserves better.

Rugged, nearly indestructible. Check out our impact test videos. Our team had tons of fun trying to find ways to break the lights and challenge their IP67, waterproof, dustproof engineering. You can mount the lights with or without drilling. Either use the 3M® adhesive with 30 lbs. of load bearing capacity (with or without the custom straps). Or, you can drill them, which is our preference. Our local Northwoods trails are thin – contact with trees and branches is common. The adhesive mounts held up perfectly in every field test.


500% Brighter Than OEM Taillights

Be prepared and visible in dusty or low-visibility conditions. The Apex Light™ runs 5x brighter than Talon stock taillights. When you brake, they pulse four times before delivering 300% brighter light than OEM brake lights through their ultra-durable, 8” rigid lenses.

Customized To You With Next-Generation Diffused LEDs

Mount to ANY flat surface or 1.25”-2.5” roll bar, including bumpers. Seriously. Fully plug & play installation for the Pioneer in under 30 minutes with no drilling required. Add up to three sets – six lights total – on your roof, roll bar, bumper, or wherever else you can imagine. Custom diffusion panels deliver a clean, futuristic look.

Rugged, Nearly Indestructible Formed Lights

IP67-rated with heavy-duty polycarbonate lenses, aluminum heat-sink frames, and premium waterproof wiring make these lights ready for anything. We’ve rolled our UTVs and knocked them into trees at speed without leaving even a scratch on the Apex lights. Seriously. But try to avoid rolling please.

Technical Specifications

  • Includes Plug ‘N Play harness.

  • Red Running & Brake Lights

  • Diffused Light.

  • High Efficient 378 Lumen Red LED Lights.

  • Includes Brake Light Flash Modulator

  • Easy Install

  • Durable Light

  • Waterproof Connectors

  • Includes Roll Cage Mounting Adapter Plate

  • Drill or No Drill Install


Est. Install Time: 20 - 40 minutes


  • Honda - TALON 1000R - 2019
  • Honda - TALON 1000X - 2019
  • Honda - TALON 1000-4 - 2020
  • Honda - TALON 1000R - 2020
  • Honda - TALON 1000X - 2020
  • Honda - TALON 1000X-4 - 2020
  • Honda - TALON 1000R - 2021
  • Honda - TALON 1000X - 2021
  • Honda - TALON 1000X-4 - 2021
  • Honda - TALON 1000R - 2022
  • Honda - TALON 1000X - 2022
  • Honda - TALON 1000X-4 - 2022
  • Honda - TALON 1000R-4 - 2023
  • Honda - TALON 1000R-4 - 2024
  • Honda - TALON 1000X-4 - 2023
  • Honda - TALON 1000X-4 - 2024
  • Honda - TALON 1000R - 2023
  • Honda - TALON 1000R - 2024
  • Honda - TALON 1000X - 2023
  • Honda - TALON 1000X - 2024
  • Honda - TALON 1000XS - 2023
  • Honda - TALON 1000RS - 2023
  • Honda - TALON 1000XS-4 - 2023
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