Meet the First Tailgate Light Bar Specifically for UTVs

Double the rear visibility of your Work SxS in under 2 hours

We love having the chance to bring riders an innovative UTV accessory that is truly the first of its kind. Introducing the RAVEK Automatic UTV Tailgate Light Bar — the first and only formed tailgate light that’s entirely Plug & Play for all major OEM Work UTVs.

If you’re looking to increase your visibility to trailing riders or to upgrade your visibility when in reverse, this new light hits the mark. The Tailgate Light doubles the rear visibility of stock OEM Rangers, Defenders, Generals, Pioneers and more, delivering a new level of confidence in dusty and low-light conditions.

What Will the RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar Add to My Ride?

If you’re like us, you’re not satisfied with the stock tail lights that come with the Ranger, Defender, General and other work and rec utility UTVs. The LEDs are not very bright and they have diode “hot spots” that look dated. That’s why we’re so excited about the Automatic UTV Tailgate Light Bar — it’s brighter, bolder, and adds a clean finished look to the rear of your SxS.

Until now, if you wanted to add more light to the back of your work UTV, you had two (not so great) choices:

  1. Take a UTV chase light designed for sport UTVs (like an RZR or Maverick X3), do some wiring work (splicing, t-tapping, etc.) and mount it up on your Work UTV.
  2. Buy a strip light on Amazon and stick it on the back of your work UTV.

Neither of these options have a Plug & Play installation, nor do they deliver a formed light that looks or functions like a custom-built light for the rear of a work UTV. 

Reasons to Go With the RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar

Better Visibility for the Whole Gang

The RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar doubles the total rear light output of stock work UTV tail lights. This enhanced tail light visibility is particularly important for other trailing riders, as it ensures they can see you ahead clearly and reduce their risk of accidents. Additionally, when you shift into reverse, the Tailgate Light automatically switches from the red running light mode to a white backup light, illuminating the ground behind you and alerts other riders that you’re backing up. No more yelling out to tell your buddies to make space for you as you back up.

Waterproof and Impact-Ready

Built from Makrolon Polycarbonate, this IP69-rated light is completely waterproof and dustproof. Its slim profile fits flush to work UTV tailgates, ensuring it can withstand the toughest challenges and harshest environments. Whether you're riding through mud, rain, or dust, you can rely on the RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar to perform flawlessly.

Plug & Play and State-of-the-Art LED Lighting

We've simplified the installation process with our 100% vehicle-specific Plug & Play design and engineering. This means you can install it quickly and easily without the need for complicated wiring (no splicing, no t-tapping, no stress). The light bar features advanced LEDs that provide a sleek, diffused light, replacing the old "hot spot" diodes that most stock tail lights still use. This results in a cleaner, more uniform light distribution, enhancing both visibility and aesthetics.

Reasons to Go With the RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar

Automatic Running + Brake Lights

The RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar stays red while you’re driving and blazes a brighter red when you brake. This feature ensures those behind you are instantly aware when you slow down or stop, adding a crucial element of safety. It’s the kind of upgrade that sets this UTV accessory apart in the realm of SxS lighting accessories.

Automatic Reverse Lighting*

Shift into reverse, and a bright, white light illuminates the ground behind your machine, acting as a backup light. This makes it easier to navigate in reverse, helping you see more behind you and navigate in the early or late hours of the day.

* Only applies to models with reverse wire triggers.

Turn Signal Compatibility

Already have a plug & play turn signal kit? The RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar will integrate seamlessly with your turn signal kit to project a perfectly synchronized turn signal light that is more than 2x brighter than your OEM tail light turn signals. This means no compatibility issues or need for additional modifications — just increased visibility and safety from your new SxS accessory.

Included Easy-Access Rocker Switch

Conveniently locate the supplied rocker switch in an open "Knock Out" panel, located right on your dashboard — allowing you to easily turn the white reverse light on and off. This feature ensures you can quickly activate the light whenever extra visibility is required behind your machine, a must-have for practical UTV accessories.

Get All the Dirty Details on the RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar

The RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar is compatible with all major UTV Side-by-Side models, including Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, John Deere, CFMOTO, and more. Check the product page to find the fitment that works for your SxS machine.

This UTV Tailgate Light Bar not only doubles visibility for your machine while riding braking, and in reverse but is also easy to install. From the unboxing (which is pretty sweet) to riding, you can get the Plug & Play installation done in under two hours.

The RAVEK UTV Tailgate Light Bar is a game-changer in the world of UTV accessories. It provides an expanded and enhanced level of visibility to your machine, extreme durability, a sleek next-gen design–and it’s easy to install. Whether you need it for work, a food plot, or a weekend ride, this light bar makes your ride easier to use in low light. There’s nothing worse than fumbling in the dark. This solves this. Check back here for more product news, and to learn more about these killer new tailgate lights.