We’re surprised there’s no Yamaha Wovlerine X2 & RMAX center tail light. So, we created this IP69-rated, plug & play light that increases rear light output 200% vs. stock rear lights, with a slim profile that mounts flush to the tailgate. It boosts your confidence driving and working in low light conditions. When braking, the light blasts brighter. And in reverse it automatically turns a modern, diffused white. It installs in an hour (no drilling), and syncs with turn signal kits.

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The Wolverine is a revolutionary vehicle, but its stock rear lights don’t stand up to the rest of the Wolverine's elite engineering. They leave us feeling exposed when leading trail packs or parking and with no options to illuminate work area behind us. So, we built this first-of-its kind innovation for Yamaha Wovlerine X2 & RMAX drivers that we can’t recommend enough. It doubles rear light output with a sleek, premium diffused LED look that ditches the old “hot spot” LEDs. We all love sexy lights. But where it really stands out in its durability and functionality.

It’s made of extremely durable Makrolon Polycarbonate with an IP69 rating, meaning it’s 100% waterproof and dustproof. Installation is fully plug & play, so you’re not t-tapping or splicing wires, and you’ll be done in under an hour with no drilling required.

It lives on in running mode and blasts red when you brake. When you reverse, the LEDs automatically switch to project a bright white LED illumination that lights up the ground behind you to help you when parking. These are expensive machines, and it’s no fun to start or end a day with a ding. You can also activate the white work light with your in-cab rocker switch to light up a work area in low light conditions.

Perhaps our favorite part of this light is that it integrates with your turn signal kit (if you installed one). When you activate your turn signal, half of the tail light blinks red to indicate your turn, leaving no doubt to fellow riders about where you are heading. We love leading the pack with this light. And we’re confident you (and your buddies) will too.


Boost Visibility For You & Others

Increase rear light output 200% vs. Wolverine X2 & RMAX stock rear lights. The tail light makes you more visible to trailing riders and automatically illuminates white in reverse. You can control the white work light with your in-cab rocker switch, too. So, if you need a work light in low light conditions, just flip it on.

Waterproof and Impact-Ready

This Makrolon Polycarbonate light is IP69-rated for 100% waterproof, dustproof toughness. Its slim profile sits flush to the Wolverine, ready to take on whatever you throw at it.

Plug & Play and State-of-the-Art LED Lighting

Installation takes less than an hour and is fully plug & play for the Wolverine. And we’ve ditched the old “hot spot” LED diodes and gone with these clean, modern LEDs delivering a diffused look across the entire light.

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