UTV MOLLE Quick Detach Fire Extinguisher Mount

Fire extinguishers are a critical safety item. But we didn’t like that it takes up valuable storage space. So we created our RAVEK quick detach fire extinguisher mount that secures cleanly and securely to our RAVEK MOLLE panel system. It removes instantaneously when you needed (and it’s fun to use) – simply pull the red quick detach pin, then address your emergency. The mount installs easily in under 3 minutes.

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We’re happy to provide safety items to the market, and it’s a bonus that this extinguisher mount means you can carry more gear on the trail using either your free MOLLE panel space, your freed up roll bar, or your other stock storage areas in your sport SxS.

MOLLE stands for “Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment” – common in the US military and now used broadly, it’s the most flexible and user-friendly solution for securing critical items in off-road conditions. We’re constantly adding new MOLLE accessories. Keep an eye out.


Safety, Secured

A must have trail item, secured sleekly and securely. The extinguisher mount is rattle-free and securely mounts to the exterior of your SxS for immediate, high-visibility access.

Quick Draw, As Required

Removing your fire extinguisher is simple and instantaneous: simply pull the red quick detach pin, then take your extinguisher and address your emergency.

Right Location, More Storage

It’s safer to have your mount directly accessible on a MOLLE panel. It’s icing on the cake that MOLLE mounting frees up other space, such as alongside on the MOLLE panel, on your freed up roll bar, or in other stock areas.

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